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One of The Agronomic Consulting Group’s missions is to provide our clients with solutions and direction that will cultivate progress for years to come. Client input generated during farm planning sessions has been one of the largest contributing factors to our services since day one and has helped us create many unique products that fit a wide array of producers. We would like to earn your business and are excited to share what we have to offer our current and prospective clients. Our Counsel Services are available to turn concepts into reality.



Every great action must begin with a highly calculated plan. Margins have been constricting recently, enhancing the importance of precise, economic decision-making. Our Economic Counsel segment is designed to quantify nearly every economic aspect of grain production, going far beyond a break-even cost per bushel, and allows you to look at your enterprise holistically. This proprietary approach integrates economic vision with sound agronomic recommendations prepared uniquely for your operation.



Technology in Agriculture is changing just as rapidly as any other industry sector. Our Precision Counsel segment is in place to provide you with progressive service options that will best benefit your unique operation. Grid Sampling, Variable Rate Fertility Prescriptions, Variable Rate Seeding  Prescriptions, Data Management, and Multi-Year Yield Analysis are some of the services that we offer, all aimed at elevating profit, production, and potential. We utilize industry leading software so your custom designed variable rate recommendations can be applied by qualified applicators using nearly any controller type.



Once the Farm Plan has been custom designed, it is time to transform planning into practice. Our Agronomic Counsel segment is on hand to ground truth the plan of action. Varying levels of service are available to suit the needs of your operation – ranging from a Retainer System to weekly visits of each farm. Our team of consultants is proud to boast 65 years of collective experience in agronomic scouting and is prepared to evaluate diagnostics of all sorts, including but not limited to: hybrid performance, irrigation scheduling, in-season fertilizer adjustments, and weed, insect, and disease management.

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